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As we approach Nice Bonbon’s 75th anniversary, we are proud of the family adventure that has endured over the years and we will continue to make quality confectionery, respecting traditional expertise.
Always independent and family-friendly, the company is a pioneer in terms of quality and standards of excellence. Indeed, long before the introduction of food standards, our values reflected our quest for excellence and traceability.
We use manufacturing methods specific to each line of confectionery we create.

The main value that drives us and that is applied to each of our productions is to do everything possible to satisfy our customers using rigorously selected quality ingredients and maintaining traditional methods of fabrication.
We use natural aromas and colours and we do not (and never have) use any animal fats or by-products in the production of our confectionery.
Eager to offer the best quality products and wishing to control all aspects of production, we also make our metal boxes and plastic bases, within our factory.

  • We use locally produced natural aromas
  • We do not use any animal products (no gelatine or fats)
  • We do not use palm oil, choosing to promote local and natural products
  • Our quality and traditional products contribute to the prestige of our beautiful region, around the world
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