Pastilles Freshness

A family business specializing in confectionery, Nice Bonbon offers you its refreshing pastilles that combine taste pleasures and health benefits. The rigorous selection of the ingredients used for their preparation, as well as the multitude of available flavors make our pastilles delicacies to take everywhere and to enjoy at any time of the day !

<What are fresh lozenges ?

What are fresh lozenges?
<Practical and full of flavor in the mouth, the fresh lozenge falls into the category of small size sweets, to be sucked, which offer you a gourmet break in your day. Usually used to freshen breath or to replace smoking (in case you want to quit smoking), the freshness lozenge is a candy full of history, which made its appearance more than a century ago. Consumed by millions of French people, it combines the pleasure of tasting a candy with more organic benefits.

Flavors of different flavors

<Today, refreshing pastilles come in an infinite variety of flavors. The many varieties of mint pastilles, more or less strong in the mouth, are often appreciated at the end of the meal to freshen the breath, or at any time of the day to wake up our body a little. But these refreshing lozenges also exist in fruity versions, such as lemon lozenges for an explosion of tangy flavors, or with exotic fruits for a sweet and tasty effect. They also exist in original perfumes like aniseed, cashew, or rose. Delicious and full of benefits, our refreshing candies make it possible to mitigate the greedy desires throughout the day.

<The benefits of fresh lozenges
<Sweet, tart or very fresh in the mouth, the fresh lozenges fall into the category of delicacies with many virtues. The main asset of this candy is of course its very low calorie composition. Indeed, they do not contain sugar, or in very small quantities. Thus, their consumption does not lead to weight gain, does not damage your teeth, and is not responsible for the many ailments that the body can develop when consuming too much sugar. Unlike other sweets, the fresh lozenge gives you a boost in a busy day, but also takes you to other places or to your childhood memories. Small in size and melting quickly in the mouth, its fresh effect eliminates any mouth odor in the blink of an eye. After lunch, before an appointment, or simply to give you a fresh break, our lozenges stand out in the category of sweets to be enjoyed at any time of the day, without making you feel guilty !

<To be carried everywhere with you

<The advantage of the freshness tablets is that they can be carried everywhere with you. Since they can be consumed at any time of the day, it is essential that they offer a practical and small packaging, so that you always have them at hand. Colourful and aesthetic, the packaging of our fresh pastilles is designed to be both practical and attractive. At any time of the day, you can offer pastilles to your colleagues, friends and family for a moment of gourmet sharing. Our sweets also come in a wide variety of flavors, colors and designer packaging, making these refreshing candies an aesthetic product, delicious in the mouth, good for the body, and good for the mind! Very trendy and consumed by many people, the refreshing lozenge is also an original and tasty gift idea. Mentholated, fruity, tangy, with rose or aniseed flavors: choose from the multitude of freshness lozenges we offer, to compose a gourmet assortment that will delight the taste buds of your loved ones! Our customizable packagings offer you the possibility to choose an aesthetic and unique design that will surprise the person you are giving your gift to. In addition, we offer a special "Christmas" selection for fairy-tale holidays with the scents of your childhood. Finally, the quality of our products is illustrated in their composition, notably through the "Organic Candies" collection, certified by Ecocert France. Melting in the mouth, it is available in different colors and flavors. Energizing, comforting and releasing an incomparable perfume in the mouth, it can be consumed throughout the day, without risk to your health: so many good reasons to be tempted by the discovery of these traditional sweets, and to vary the pleasures!

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