Sugar Free Lozenges

Gourmet and dietetic, sugar-free lozenges have many health benefits. Offered for sale in many flavors on our site Nice Bonbon, you will just have to choose from a wide range of flavors, for your greatest pleasure.

The benefits of sugar free lozenges

The benefits of sugar free lozenges

<Lighter than sweet lozenges, sugar-free lozenges are a tasty blend of sweetness and light candy. An excellent alternative to traditional candies – which, when consumed regularly, are harmful to the body because of the many added sugars and sweeteners they contain – sugar-free lozenges are light and safe for your health. Too much consumption of sugary products is indeed problematic for the body and can cause, beyond weight gain, sometimes irreparable damage (appearance of diabetes, increase in cholesterol levels, appearance of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, etc.). Thus, they allow you to satisfy your greedy desires while respecting your body and your health. The advantage of these lozenges also lies in the fact that they do not damage your teeth. Their very low calorie composition (about 0.7 calories per lozenge) also allows you to indulge as often as you like, without feeling guilty.
<Different flavors available

<Far from being bland, the sugar-free lozenges conceal delicate, fresh or fruity aromas, for a gourmet break at any time of the day. With many flavors offered for sale, it will be very easy for you to vary the pleasures. Lemon" flavor for a tangy experience, "spearmint", "strong mint", or "menthol-eucalyptus" flavors for a more or less extreme moment of freshness in the mouth, or original tastes like "fruit cocktail" or "cachou", are all flavors that will delight your taste buds. Instant freshness, fruity or acidulous, the sugar-free lozenges thus represent a good means of offering you a gustatory pause without endangering your health. Not damaging your teeth, and very low in calories, these candies do not impact your body. For a healthy and authentic pleasure, fall for the sugar-free lozenges of Nice Bonbon.

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