Sugar Lozenges

We all dream of a healthier diet, but many of us have a sweet tooth. What if we told you that one doesn’t prevent the other? The sugar lozenges of Nice Bonbon are delicious, without being bad for your health.

<The benefits of the sugar lozenges
<You will be seduced by the lightness of these pastilles which reveal a pleasant sweet taste. We have focused on a very sweet one that caresses the palate. Moreover, we give pride of place to the flavors of yesteryear, the same ones that cradled our childhood and that we wish to share with those we love. It is often difficult to limit children's sugar intake, but how can we blame them? Even as an adult, we still want that comforting little dose of sugar. Our lozenges come to your rescue since their sugar content is much lower than that of traditional candies. Sugar lozenges will also be your faithful companions all day long in case of a slack spot. If you have a long day ahead of you and you are worried about your breath, take a small fresh sugar lozenge !

<Different flavors available

<There is nothing better than being able to vary the pleasures by tasting lozenges according to your mood of the moment. Discover the sweetness of aniseed. Let yourself be tempted by the so particular taste of liquorice. Feel like freshness? Opt for mint or American mint lozenges. Without forgetting the floral flavors guaranteed by violet and rose. Nice Bonbon honors the French terroir by privileging the aromas coming from a local culture. Collect the different flavors or bet on your favorite aroma, it's up to you. Nice Bonbon is committed to providing you with the French quality that we are proud of. Our sugar pastilles are indeed elaborated according to a traditional know-how. It is therefore a technique that has proven itself since the creation of our first sweets, born in 1947.

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