The Delights of Château la Grande Duranne

<Go back in history with "Les Délices du Château la Grande Duranne" ! Built in the XVth century in the heart of the Provence Aixoise, by King René, the last king of Provence, the Château la Grande Duranne tells us its history through its little delights. For several centuries, this castle has jealously guarded a secret: a recipe for small gourmet sweets, until then handed down from castelains to castelains. A unique know-how which made the happiness of some privileged people. It was in the library of the castle that one day, a small recipe book written with a pen was found, in which were transcribed the recipes of these small sweets called "Les Délices du Château". Wishing to perpetuate the tradition, we have kept the same ingredients as in the past, in order to take you back several centuries. Become in your turn 15th century châtelains and succumb to the inimitable " Délices du Château la Grande Duranne ".

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